Summer, 1096: It is thirty years after the Battle of Hastings and Christian Europe marches to war. However, as an irreverent young monk from Kent and an unproven squire of Pirou soon realize, not all the Church’s enemies are to be fought in the Holy Land.

Sneaking back into his abbey one night, Godric, a brilliant Saxon youth, discovers a reliquary containing the skull of the Horned King, a monstrous warlord from Britain’s Dark Ages. Realizing he is being hunted, Godric is forced into a bitter alliance with Robert, a proud and stoic Norman squire, in order to keep the evil artifact from falling into the clutches of the Cult of Cernunnos, the Horned God.

The pair of unlikely heroes are pursued by the Masked Knight, the relentless servant of the witch cult’s High Priestess. The villains carve a bloody path of murder, betrayal, and black magic across Normandy as they seek to resurrect Cernunnos’ champion, the Horned King, and plunge Europe into a new Dark Age of eldritch forces and bloodthirsty gods. This deadly game of cat-and-mouse will not only determine the fate of western civilization but also give rise to the modern Arthurian legend.

Servants of the Horned God

It is almost autumn of 1096, and Godric and Robert sail to England in service to the deposed Bishop of Lisieux. The country is not what either of them expected, and they soon find themselves traveling north on a mission for King William Rufus and the Archbishop of Canterbury to investigate rumors of rebellion and walking corpses in East Anglia.

In the seaside town of Dunwich, they meet the Lady Emma, a widowed noblewoman with a mind of her own, and a clutch of Norman lords vying for control of the region. Godric and Robert must overcome political rivalries, personal divisions, burgeoning romances, and their own fears in order to stop the last surviving member of the coven of the Horned God, and the undead Viking horror she has summoned to ravage the kingdom.

The Dunwich Terror

It is the spring of 1097, and Robert and Godric march north with an Anglo-Norman army to place Edgar Probus on his father's usurped throne. The war for Scotland, however, is only the beginning of this bloody tale.

Joining the retinue of the adventurous Edgar Aetheling, the uncrowned Saxon king, Robert and Godric find themselves investigating mysterious and devastating attacks on isolated manors and farmsteads. Much of the grisly evidence points to an ancient evil.


Other Works

In July of 1947, something fell to earth near Roswell, New Mexico. However, the summer skies above the state of Washington were alive with strange lights and unidentified objects nearly a month before.

Elzabad Summers, veteran of D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge, leads a small team of special operatives to the Pacific Northwest to investigate the Maury Island Incident. This investigation is seriously compromised when their first encounter with the unexplained results in the team being scattered across the Seattle-Tacoma region, disarmed and suffering from amnesia.

To make matters worse, a coterie of well-armed Soviet spies appears to be one step ahead of them in tracking down who or what is responsible for the mysterious phenomena plaguing the skies over the Queen City and Mount Rainier.

Project Notebook: A UFO Story

When her parents are assassinated, Nyah leaves her cloistered training in the martial arts and ascends to the throne of Ryumbani. Driven by rage and grief, and aided by her uncles Zuberi and Jelani, she launches a war of retribution against Talakoku, the powerful nation believed responsible for the royal murders. However, in the war’s opening campaign, she becomes the target of another treacherous plot, and is forced to escape with Corrou the Black Arm, a disgraced and hunted Talakoku warrior.

The two unlikely companions flee down the Great River, pursued by Sir Sefu, a ruthless Ryumbani warrior seeking to make Nyah his bride, and Brigata, Talakoku’s deadliest swordswoman and Corrou’s former lover. The young Queen of Ryumbani and the Black Arm face soldiers and sorcery, mercenaries and monsters, as well as the bloodthirsty machinations of a sentient magical sword on their journey to the safe haven of Gotha, the trade capitol of the world.

Meanwhile, as the war between Ryumbani and Talakoku continues unchecked, threatening to cast the entire continent of Re' Fraz into chaos, an ancient evil stirs in the desolation of Nebron.

River of Blood
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