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A Prequel to the Shadow Crusade

1057 A.D.

A Tale of the World After Tomorrow

The Charge of the Soul

A Football Story with a Ghost

Score to Settle
The Shadow Crusade Book One

Servants of the Horned God

Coming Soon
My Backstory

Jason J. McCuiston was born in the wilds of southeast Tennessee, where he was raised on a healthy diet of old horror movies, westerns, comic books, sci-fi and fantasy novels, and, yes, Dungeons & Dragons. He attended the finest state school that would have him where he studied art before coming to grips with the hard truth that his heart just wasn’t in becoming a professional illustrator. Following his matriculation, he embarked on a whirlwind tour of underpaid and uninspired career paths until finally realizing that all his forays into role-playing games, comic books, and creative design were merely the manifestation of his innate desire to be a storyteller.

So for the next twenty-odd years, he slogged his way through the jungles of terrible prose, waded the never-ending streams of form rejections, navigated through the cyclopean obelisks of scathing (yet often constructive) criticisms, and finally climbed the daunting peaks of Personal Growth, Craft, and Skill in search of his goal: the fabled Shangri La of becoming a published and prolific author.


In the Works

The Dunwich Terror

Servants of the Horned God

Project Notebook: A UFO Story
River of Blood

Other Works

My Books
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Parsec Ink's Triangulations: Appetites is available for purchase! It includes my story, "The Last Red Lantern" which was a semifinalist in L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future Contest last year.

Pole to Pole Publishing's Dark Luminous Wings anthology is now available. It contains my story, "The Wyvern" which is a post-apocalyptic steampunk horror story set in the skies above the Mojave Desert.

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Jason J. McCuiston

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